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One-on-One Career Coaching and Workshops

One-on-One Programs, Group Programs, and Situational Coaching

Choose the one-on-one program that’s right for you, or start with a single coaching meeting.  You know where you’re at and what you need, so, contact us to discuss how coaching can support you and for pricing details.

We believe that everyone can be happy at work. Career happiness is achieved by aligning career interests, strengths, and personal values with job choice (fit) and career objectives. At Eden Park, we offer a unique career management process delivered through any one of three different packages:

  1. Introductory Program: For people who want to identify career interests that will bring them fulfillment and already have a good understanding of their values and their strengths.
  2. Work Ready Program: For people who want to identify career interests and explore their values and strengths in a way that helps them to develop a clear picture of where they ‘fit’ best in the workplace. This package includes understanding what employers want from a ‘fit’ perspective. Career success and happiness at work is all about ‘fit’. We help people to identify where they fit best.
  3. Career Leverage Program: For people who want to learn more about their leadership style (emotional intelligence) in order to increase their personal and professional effectiveness.

Introductory Program

(Focused Start)

    • 3 one-on-one meetings
    • Strong interest Inventory®
    • Skills Confidence Inventory
Work Ready Program

(Most Popular!)

    • 4 one-on-one meetings
    • Strong interest Inventory®
    • Skills Confidence Inventory
    • Career Values Scale Report
Career Leverage Program

(Greatest Insights)

    • 6 one-on-one meetings
    • Strong interest Inventory®
    • Skills Confidence Inventory
    • Career Values Scale Report
    • MBTI® Step l and Step ll Reports
    • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode (TKI) Report

Develop and Deepen Your Emotional Intelligence

According to the Harvard Business Review, what distinguishes great leaders from merely adequate leaders isn’t IQ or technical ability – it’s emotional intelligence. In fact, emotional intelligence is twice as important as technical ability or IQ at all organizational levels. Moreover, in top tier jobs, emotional intelligence accounts for nearly 90% of the difference between average and star performers. In other words, star performers have higher levels of emotional intelligence. At Eden Park, we help people develop their emotional intelligence through the Career Leverage package.

We use the the EQi-2.0 self-assessment with people who wish to use a deeper emotional intelligence assessment.


Customized or Situational Coaching

Additional services available include customized one-on-one coaching to meet your specific needs, or we can focus our time together on one of many common situations that arise for many young professionals, including:

  • Taking on new responsibilities
  • Becoming a people manager
  • Accelerating your performance
  • Why career plan now?
  • Deepening your resilience
  • Balancing multiple priorities
  • Planning for a sabbatical from work
  • Do I need a Mentor or a Sponsor?
  • Starting your first job
  • Preparing for a formal performance discussion
  • Taking stock of where you’re at and what you want to do next
  • Whatever is unique to your situation


Be part of the community of people we’ve helped on their career journey.

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