Career and Leadership Coaching

Career coaching — Connect with your career

At Eden Park Connect, we work with people in the early part of their careers (between 20 and 35 years of age).  We help people connect with their career so that they can be the best they can be throughout their careers. For people who are at different stages of their career journey we can act as a sounding board, a guide, or as a co-pilot – it’s up to you.

We work with individuals through our tailored:

  • Career Coaching Programs
  • One-on-one strengths-focused Career Coaching
  • Targeted coaching for situations as they arise

Our approach to working with clients stems from our grounding in the fields of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behaviour.

Eden Park Outcomes

At Eden Park, we are focused on empowerment and results.  We help people move their careers forward in a positive way.  At the end of our program, our clients have a solid plan and confidence to take their career to a new stage.  They do so with a sense of empowerment and ownership knowing that they are in control of their career future.  Many clients who come to Eden Park are at a transition point in their career.  Through our program, we help clients identify things that may be getting in the way of making fulfilling and effective career choices.  We help clients make objective career choices which are aligned with their interests, strengths, values, and goals and we help them turn their choices into action.


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