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Successful Job Change During the Pandemic


I wasn’t happy at work. I first worked with Heather at Eden Park in my last year of my undergrad degree as I was embarking on my career. Although I was promoted in several jobs, I became increasingly aware that I wanted more from my job. I reconnected with Heather and completed the Career Advancement Program. It was SO helpful to explore my interests and strengths through various self-assessments and coaching conversations. The reports were helpful, but the coaching conversations were invaluable in putting together an Action Plan to get a new job.

When I got to the interview stage, I worked with my career coach to prepare for each of the interviews. She helped me bring together all the work we did earlier and pushed my thinking about how I really wanted to position myself to potential employers. I went into each interview more confident in my ability to get the job in front of me. I texted my career coach when I got the job offer: “Got the job!!! Big thank you to you for all your help. The interview coaching was a large contribution to success here I feel.”

Almost a year later, I’m still loving my new job and the people I’m working with are great! I highly recommend Eden Park’s career coaching services!

Recent Graduate – Combining Art and Business


I started working with Heather during my second year of university. At the time I had no idea what I wanted to study, let alone pursue as a career. Through a number of self-revealing assessments, I gained a sense of my natural strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values, and was able to hone in on an area of study.

For me, the main thing was I didn’t know what was out there. I understood the difference between general industries, but I didn’t know what kinds of jobs existed within those industries. The assessments do a fantastic job of analyzing your traits and generating a specific list of possible careers. In one exercise, Heather had me pick two different areas that were high on my interest chart and blend them into a career to give me a sense of what’s possible. I picked “law” and “art sales” thinking they were two completely unrelated areas. Heather helped me understand that Art Law is actually an extensive field that I’m now interested in going into!

Last year, I recommended Eden Park to my sister who is now in her grade 12 year preparing for university next fall. Even though she’s early in the process, I know she’s found her sessions with Heather have given her direction as she begins to figure out what she would like to pursue over the next four years.

Recent Graduate – Combining Engineering and Finance


Through the work I did with Heather I was truly able to find work that I am passionate about and a work environment where I am happy to be at work every day!

Upon graduating from my master’s degree and entering the workforce, I found that the tools I used and skills I developed with Heather allowed me to be much more observant and reflective when in a work environment. Understanding my career values has enabled me to pinpoint what areas of my job were of interest and what aspects of the work culture appealed to me. This process has made me realize how important it is to think critically about what you want out of your career and gave me the tools to meaningfully reflect on my career. I know that throughout my entire career I will look back on the work that I did with Heather to continuously assess my satisfaction at work.

Mid-Career Pivot – Combining Artistic and Technical Careers Into One Portfolio Career


Over five sessions at Eden Park, I learned how to excel at my current position and plan for the next phase of my career. The initial assessment phase was eye-opening! The small setbacks I experienced at work finally have explanations and solutions; I understand how I can improve my leadership style, and now have specific strategies for obstacles.

By taking an expert lens to my career, Eden Park showed me the commonalities between the jobs that have helped me thrive; I now have a concrete plan for my career that I know I’ll enjoy executing.

Before coaching, I felt paralyzed by the options in front of me: artistic and technical roles seemed diametrically opposed, and I felt like I had to choose, even though I enjoy both. Rather than having to prioritize one passion, Eden Park showed me how I can combine paths in a portfolio career that’s skill-building and has longevity. I now feel excited about my professional future and am empowered to move forward in my career.

BComm Candidate, First Full-Time Job

You helped me think critically about what was important to me and provided an invaluable sounding board to me about where I wanted to focus my career. The value of that to me has been priceless!

BSc Candidate, Choosing Graduate School or Full-Time Work

The Eden Park approach is an innovative and effective method of mentoring/coaching – this altered my life and the course of my future for the better.

Registered Nurse - Pursuing Future NP Accreditation


The Eden Park process helped me to focus and develop an action plan and timeline.

I connected with Eden Park Group at an early point in my career. I had only been working as a bedside nurse for about two and a half years and I was feeling restless and unhappy most days. I was involved with various extra curricular activities, desperately seeking to spark new interests and career paths.

Heather was an expert sounding board, an encyclopedia of information and ideas, and the most active listener I’ve ever met. We mulled over evidence based assessments and talked about possibilities outside the box.

Eden Park helped me in ways I didn’t even think of during the coaching program. I learned to talk about myself in a productive manner (something I’ve never had the opportunity or desire to do before) – which ended up being the biggest learning experience. The assessments were full of affirmation, acknowledgement and discovery. It felt like someone was telling you who you were as a person, but really – I was telling myself who I was because I had done the assessments.

I think I had an idea about myself before starting this process – but it was really helpful to read objective data. It helped me believe in myself, gain focus, and think about things in a way that would be best suited for me based on everything I learned about myself.

I will be applying for school this year with hopes of acceptance to a Nurse Practitioner program. While this had been my initial intention when I first started nursing school, I had become extremely distracted at the bedside after meeting so many different people in the hospital and thinking “what MORE can I do?”

The Eden Park process helped me to integrate everything I learned during the coaching program and it summed up my vision of the role of a nurse practitioner without even noticing in the moment – this was AWESOME!

Young Professional, Job Change and Career Plan


The confidence I’ve felt after meetings with Heather has been transformative to this transitional stage of my life; I have felt like I my feet have found a sure footing and there’s a path through this challenging and difficult situation of leaving one job and not knowing where to go next with my career.

So often with job searching in the past I have felt like I am on a boat that would carry me wherever the wind would take it; it was stressful to not know where I was going or even how to decide or control my own destiny. When Heather came into the process it felt like I had an experienced sailor at the helm. With her help, I was able to figure out how to identify my values, make decisions and pursue what I wanted.

In the past I would have felt untethered, and unsure of what I was doing until I was hired in my next job, but with Heather, it feels like I’m working, I’ve got an action-plan for this in-between time, I’m being productive and I am less stressed, anxious, or depressed than I’ve ever been between jobs.

There is so much pressure in our society to be self-made and not reach out for help, but with Heather’s perspective and incisive questions getting to the heart of issues I am facing, it feels like I’ve got a partner, guide, counsellor and friend for the journey. She is that person we all need when our life gets turned upside down and we’re not sure where to go next.

BSc Mathematics Candidate

My acceptance to the two graduate schools I applied to during this process stands out as a major accomplishment to me that would not have been possible without the support system and advice that Eden Park provided.

BComm Candidate (4th Year)

At Eden Park we conducted many exercises that helped me to reflect upon my personal strengths and weaknesses. We then used this information to brainstorm what type of industries and experiences would be most helpful to me. This type of reflection was extremely useful for me as it was something I would not have otherwise conducted formally through career services at my university. It also helped me to realize what might be a better fit for me.

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


After graduating from university with a civil engineering degree I felt unsure about it being the right career path for me. I had never been extremely interested by the material and did not want to jump right into a job that I might feel stuck in. I felt that what I could really use was some direction about which careers would be interesting to me, and what further steps I needed to take in order to get to that place.

While working with Eden Park and completing the Myers Briggs and other assessments, it highlighted my key interests and possible career paths. It allowed me to flesh out what I had always thought was a career interest for me into a defined path. I had always thought I had an interest in the financial sector as a career path, but by completing all of the exercises it gave me confidence in my previous inclinations. The exercises really pushed me to think hard about what I want out of my career and what values I have regarding my work environment. This was beneficial because it allowed me to look past just getting a job, and be more critical about what I want, allowing me to streamline my interests.

I also had concerns about whether to pursue more education after completing my degree. My career coach Heather helped guide me on the pros and cons of completing grad school after my degree, and decide what further education would complement my engineering degree. Her advice led me to complete my dual degree with engineering and economics, as well as look into possible Masters programs within the finance area. We were able to identify certain programs that would appeal to my interests now and that were immediate possibilities.

After completing all of the sessions I now feel as though I have a more defined path of which careers I would be interested in. I have a better idea of where I want to start looking for jobs, and have developed my resume to tailor it to the career I am now interested in. While doing this Heather also helped me to clarify my options for grad school and come up with a plan to focus on both paths, pursuing more education, while keeping job options open. I feel as though right now I have two more focused possible paths for my future upon graduating from my second degree in the spring, as well as the action steps I need to take to get there, as opposed to last year after graduation where I really just felt lost and unsure.

Once again thank you for all of your guidance. This process has been very beneficial to me!

Registered Practical Nurse Candidate

I found the Strong Interest Inventory debrief session with Ian to be really helpful! I never knew there were so many different jobs out there. Ian asked great questions and it has really opened my eyes to different possibilities that I would never have known about. Thank you!

BSc Candidate, Deans Honour List

…enabled me to break down my goals into manageable milestones while encouraging me to think big and believe I can achieve everything.

4th Year Bachelor of Applied Science - Mechanical Engineering

I wanted to thank you again for all of the time and effort you contributed to helping me throughout the past few months. By connecting me with consultants, providing recruiting advice and discussing important decisions, you really helped me feel confident that consulting is the correct path for me and provided advice that allowed me to successfully obtain a full-time consulting position for next year. I am very excited about working for the global consulting firm when I graduate this Spring and can’t thank you enough for helping me along the way.

4th Year BSc Candidate

…allowed me to create new options for jobs, grad school, and attain everything I wanted out of my final year of school.

4th Year BSc Candidate

…gave me a great way to jumpstart my future as well as re-evaluate my accomplishments and goals.

Early Career Individual, Making a Change


What am I going to do with the rest of my life? The question is so broad as to be impossible to answer. The advantage of the Eden Park approach is in its practicality, refusing to get lost in navel gazing. The Strong Interest Inventory provides an evidence-based structure around which to address such esoteric questions. Breaking the premise down into; what am I good at? What do I enjoy? How do others like me enjoy their respective career choices? All given in clear, concise metrics.

The experience of working with Heather herself is quite similar. Focused and organized she works in practicalities. Resume critique, networking, effective timelines and planning, tailored to help me build on my weak areas. I very much enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone.


In particular, I appreciated the holistic approach that Heather takes to understanding why I wanted to work in a particular industry and what I was hoping to achieve by pursuing such an internship. It is with this help and guidance that I ultimately decided to try a different internship that last summer between my third and fourth years.

Psychology Major (2nd Year)

This process of taking part in the Strong Interest Inventory has been a very self-reflective experience for myself. When I first met with Heather over Christmas break, I was feeling very overwhelmed with the many interests, passions and “paths” I wanted to take, or at least was thinking about taking, in both my academic and career journey. Our initial meeting allowed me to start to think of my future not in the context of what am I good at, or what will assure me financial stability, but rather what am I simply interested in. While interest seems like a critical starting place for career and academic aspirations, all too often are students pushed to treat financial stability, school grades, and general abilities as the main things to consider when choosing an academic or career future. It was refreshing to sit and think about what I was genuinely interested in.

BSc Nutrition and Psychology (1st year)

I found it really helpful because although I’ve thought about some of these questions, it was very helpful to hear myself answering them. It focused me more on what I like and what I’m interested in and why.

Bachelor of Pychology Student (2nd Year)

Having gone through the first part of the career coaching process, I wish I had done this earlier! If I’d had the benefit of working through this with Heather before I accepted my summer job, I might have chosen a different summer job that’s more aligned with where I want to go in my career.

Dean's List, BSc Candidate (Accepted to 2 MMF Programs)


Working with Heather allowed me to create new options for jobs, grad school and attain everything I wanted out of my final year of school. Heather focused me on achieving my goals and keeping my eyes on the prize. Many words come to mind when I reflect on this experience thus far – mentor, coach, assistance, management, organization, and support system. In my opinion the most beneficial aspect of working with Heather has been having an experienced, supportive and encouraging mentor able to provide me with unbiased assistance and support in my personal goal maximization.

Dean's List, BSc Mathematics Candidate (4th Year)

I would highly recommend Eden Park Group to anyone in a similar position as me or who would like to try an innovative and effective method of coaching – they altered my life and the course of my future for the better.

Psychology Major (3rd Year)


Meeting with my Career Coach at Eden Park to review my Strong results was the most introspective part of the process. At this meeting we were able to draw connections between the results, my goals, ambitions, and realistic options. This was the meeting that brought me the most clarity to my original question of which academic and career path to take. I was able to leave my comfort zone of indecision, by my Career Coach gently pushing me to begin to make decisions… I found leaving my comfort zone of perpetual indecision and…I was able to examine new options I had not thought about before.

BSc, Multiple Grad School Acceptances


Overall found that the career interest assessment was fantastically done, and confidence inspiring.

It’s very comforting that my interests are line with my current career path, as it would be stress inducing if they were not. The interest inventory would be of great benefit to many university students as I know lots of my friends are stuck in jobs that they are definitely not interested in, and they don’t know their interests well enough to take the risk of finding a new job. Most of my friends are still very uncertain of what future career they would like to pursue.

I think your approach was very personable and attentive. You were great at knowing when to listen and when to guide. I really liked how you gave a little bit of wriggle room for my interpretation of the results as well as providing an accurate description of what the results typically indicate.

Thanks for your time, and I think you are doing an awesome job!