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Making Thoughtful & Confident Career Decisions

Choosing your major, choosing a career, choosing between work and grad school, or choosing to make a job change or career change are all big decisions. We know that it can feel overwhelming to make some of these decisions!

At Eden Park, we offer comprehensive career planning and career coaching.  We help people make thoughtful and confident career decisions.  Our approach is based on practical experience and current academic research in the field of career development.  We begin with the Strong® Interest Inventory, the world’s leading career assessment.  The Strong® was originally developed by Dr. Edward Strong, Professor of Psychology and Business Administration at Stanford University. The Strong® self-assessment profile measures personal interests in a broad range of areas. The Strong® profile helps people identify rewarding career options, fulfilling work activities, areas of study, and ideal work environments. This becomes the starting point for positive career decision making.

Achieving Career Fulfillment

What do you want from your career?  Are you happy at work?  We believe that everyone can be happy at work.  Happiness can mean different things to different people. For many it begins with a sense of enjoyment and well-being in what they do.  We believe that being happy at work begins by aligning career interests, strengths, and personal values with job choice (fit) and career objectives.

The good thing to remember throughout this journey – you’re never “locked in” – you can always make a change!

Let’s face it, most people spend a big part of their life at work…so why not be happy at work?

Career Choice

So many occupations to choose from – how do you decide? Where do you start? We’ve helped people who:

  • Have a sense of what they want to do but aren’t 100% sure
  • Are concerned they’ll be “locked in” or “stuck” because they try something out
  • Want to figure out their career plan for the next 5 years
To people making early career decisions, we say, “It’s OK to be unsure; it’s OK to have second thoughts about your initial choice. It’s OK to change your mind.”  We help people make confident decisions so they can be happy and successful in whatever career they choose to pursue.

Career Plan

Making strategic career decisions at all points in your career journey can make a big difference in your overall plan. Deciding between working full-time and going to grad school is a big decision and a strategic one, too! Ways in which we’ve helped people:

  • Figuring out where to start and creating your strategic career plan
  • Figuring out how, or if, grad school fits into this strategic career plan
  • Translating your goals and objectives into realistic options
  • Putting together a timeline that’s right for you
To people making these decisions, we say, “It’s OK to make the choice that’s right for you – there’s no one right answer.”

Job Change / Career Change

Some people who are looking to make a job change or a career change find these questions helpful:

  • Are you satisfied, but feel like you’re in a sub-optimal situation?
  • Do you feel like you ned a new career direction?
  • Do you feel like you need a new career direction?
  • Are you looking to pursue something completely different?
To people looking to make a job change or a career change we say, “It’s always a good time to consider a change; it’s never too late to take your career in a different direction.”

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